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BIGO LIVE APK – Live Broadcasting for Android and PC – Free download

Hi users, We have got a link to a great social networking app called BIGO LIVE. This is a tremendous app which lets you download BIGO LIVE. We have introduced download links for android, for PC, for mac, for windows, for iOs and for blackberry also. This blog is all about telling you about this app, explaining its amazing features, requirements of the system and we will also direct you to the downloading link of download Bigo Live app.

If you are not aware of what Bigo Live is all about. Let us tell you:-


BIGO LIVE APK is an awesome live video streaming app coined by Bigo Technologies in the month of March in year 2016. This app went viral very soon, a lot of people loved it. It became one of the most loved Singapore based internet firm.  The primary motto of this app is to help people connect.

In the aura where people are running in the rat race of being rich and successful, this gives a sort of escape to socialize and keep you intact with your skill. It helps you propagate what you are passionate about. This app acts like a motivator and allows you to be social and have fun.

In this world of great advancement, we come across enumerable innovations and trends. BIGO live is one of those trendy innovations which let people socializing. This app has managed to get a lot of appreciation for its immensely cool features. This app is all about streaming yourself online. In the aura of virtual connections and being popular online, this is a great tool. It is all about broadcasting yourself in front of a lot of people. People can figure out who all are on your live stream for android.

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You will also get the chance to chat with people personally and know them personally. It will help you make some friends. You can make calls, give virtual gifts and do a lot of things more. This is going to be extremely entertaining and engaging.

Opening the lets you have an access to a lot of people who are currently broadcasting at that current point. You can look out for a user that interests you and talks or performs about something that you want to witness and select him/her as your favorite user and follow him/her.  There is no lack of content of this app; you can find any type of content in Bigo live app.

We all are inherited with one talent at least, if your talent is a performing art, you can use this platform to display your skills. This way you can evaluate how good you are at and if there is any need to improve yourself. You can pinpoint you flaws and work on that.  live stream your skills. You can assert your individuality with this app and show what you have got inside.

Skills can be of different variety, it may vary from user to user. It is all about communication you skill while talking or performing. It can be as simple as doing your thing naturally, it is just that you have to login to the app in order to be live. The skills can be the usual dancing, singing, dancing, sketching, doodling, cooking, aerobics, yoga as well. It is used as a vlogging tool.

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If you are bored of your life and have nobody to watch your skill while you perform it with your whole heart, then this is the app made for you, Download Bigo Live for PC. The unusual activities like reviewing and blogging can take place here. You can talk about latest music, movies, and plays ad many other things here. Celebrities can use this app to live stream themselves to their fans. It is going to be awesome to see them live on air greeting them to you. They can easily present themselves to a large mass of people by just the use of their PC or phone.

Bigo Live APK APP For PC and other devices– Features:

Broadcasting your talent and following your passion could never have been possible without this amazing app called BIGO live app – live broadcasting for android. The app entirely functions in various manners. Come up with your talent and portray what you have got using Bigo Download for PC. Now to be more in love with this app, have a glimpse of the features of the Bigo live apk.

  • The app is totally Free: You can watch unlimited live streams of others and make your own live feeds  for free using Bigo Live app.
  • Allows you to stream Live: You can perform your art and give your opinions about anything that you think is relevant.  Show where your interests lie. Be it dancing, cooking, doodling, sketching or anything, Bigo Live APK is your savior. Share what you like!
  • Chance to Follow your favorite Bigo live Broadcasters: Choose your favorite users, they can be celebrities and other influential people too. Follow them and get to know them when they stream themselves live.
  • You also obtain Fan Following: It’s not just celebrities having their fan,you can also have your own fan league. Make the best of your talent and attract the followers towards you. Make your own identity and get recognized by a huge number of followers. The number of followers will not be limited to just people in your country it can be anyone around the world. Since talent has no religious or cultural boundaries, any person can follow you. Connect with a lot of people and get a chance to be renowned by a lot of people.
  • Chance to call your friend when you are Live: You have this privilege to inform your loved ones about your live stream before you go alive. Use the inviting option to make sure that people watch you.
  • Bigo Live Virtual Gifts:  Bigo Live gifts are yet another great feature to let your followers have gifts like hearts, rings, handbags etc.
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To know more, go download this app and have a great time using it.