GBWhatspp APK Download Latest Version 6.2 Official 2018

GBWhatsapp Apk Latest Version 6.20 Download For Android (Latest Updated)

Hello Guys! What’s going on? So once again we have come up with something great and useful for you. Obviously it is an utter stupidity to ask about have you downloaded whatsapp on your device. Whatsapp is a famous online messenger that operates by using your phone number as the identity and is the fastest and most used messenger all over the world. Today everyone has whatsapp on their phone whatever the cost of the phone may be. It is used by everyone in the world. As it is the fastest means of sending text messages, documents, media, etc.

This also prevents you from opening your email again and again to send documents. But today our talk is not limited to Whatsapp only.
It is basically about GB WHATSAPP.  So today we will provide you with the features of GBWhatsapp and the original link to download it completely free of cost.


GBWHATSAPP is a mod version of the official Whatsapp and has many advanced features installed in it than original whatsapp. There are many unofficial versions of Whatsapp on internet. Some of them are trustworthy but the most are not. But we suggest that this is the best version as it provides the maximum features along with security issues.

Although this is not official but it is used my millions of people all over the world and trusted by people all over the world. So there is no problem in downloading this wonderful application. And the features installed in GBWHATSAPP will simply make your life more easier. It has so many inbuilt features that can combine two or three messaging applications. One of the best feature is it allows you to run two whatsapps on a single device.

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This is so cool like it is the best way to avoid conflicts between professional life and personal life. Also it helps you in hiding the last seen ticks (the blue ticks). Often you are unable to reply because of some emergency work or whatever and these can harm your relations. But this feature is totally amazing. GBWhatsapp has brought a revolution into the world with the features it provides. You wont find this on play store or app store but we assure you that this GBWhatsapp APK version is completely safe.

It provides amazing inbuilt graphics for chat screens, etc. Much other cool stuff is there in the application that you will come to know after downloading it. And next we are going to tell you how to download this latest GBWhatsapp APK Download and some more of its amazing features.

GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version | gbwhatsapp download 6.20 apk latest version free !

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Below we are mentioning some of the best features of GBWhatsapp that you must explore once you download this application.

  • It supports new emojis that are recently launched on official whatsapp.
  • By enabling the DND mode in the application you can actually cut off the internet connection only from GBWHATSAPP and can continue to use other apps like official Whatsapp.
  • Filtering the texts while you are clearing the whole chat. This saves some important text.
  • When you send images and videos to friends, it adds beautiful effects that are very attractive.
  • Along with emojis new Gifs and stickers are added for entertainment.
  • Upto 90 documents can be sent at one attempt instead of only 30. This saves a lot of time.
  • You can download media for a particular selected group. If there are unwanted groups that you cannot leave you can filter that which groups media must be downloaded.
  • The amazing feature of hiding the blue ticks that occur when you read the message. So whether you read the message or not, it will always show grey ticks.
  • Writing the text in bold, italic, etc.
  • The best feature of GBWHATSAPP APK Download is that you can run two accounts on same device. This feature helps you to keep a balance between personal and professional life.
  • Now you can set the name of group upto 35 characters which was very much limited in the previous version.
  • A single message can be broadcasted upto 700 contacts at a single instant. This is literally amazing.
  • Sending upto 100 images rather than 9 images at one instant.
  • It supports more than 100 languages in which you can write the text message.
  • Videos upto 50 mb can be uploaded easily can sent to various friends and groups.
  • Other people’s status can be copied now on your clipboard and you can post it anywhere.
  • You can add security to this version of whatsapp without installing any other application. It is inbuilt software.
  • You can put status up to 255 characters which was very much limited in the previous version.
  • The application’s icon can be changes easily for GBWHATSAPP to fool any person.
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How to download and install the GBWhatsapp APK Latest VERSION:

  1. The First Step is to Change the settings of your device. Enter the security options and click on unknown sources.
GBWhatsApp Apk
GBWhatsApp Apk
  1. After completing the first step you need to open the GBWhatsapp apk to install it.
Latest GBWhatsApp Apk Download
Latest GBWhatsApp Apk Download
  1. After the latest GB WhatsApp Apk installation completes, open the app and enter your mobile number like in the screenshot below.
GBWhatsApp Download Apk Latest
GBWhatsApp Download Apk Latest
  1. Confirm your mobile number with the one-time password that you received. Now you are ready to rock ! You have successfully installed GBWA on your Android device.
GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version download
GBWhatsApp Apk Latest Version download</b
  1. After setting up your profile, you can start enjoying GB WhatsApp and its features. You will find tons of awesome features in it like theming, lock mod, customizations etc. You can check some screenshots below to understand some top features of GBWA which will give you an estimate that how awesome it is.
GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android 2018
GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version For Android 2018
Download Latest GBWhatsApp Apk
Download Latest GBWhatsApp Apk
Download GBWhatsApp App Apk
Download GBWhatsApp App Apk

Final Words for GBWhatsapp APK Download

And the best part of our web page is that it constantly updates the latest version of this application. Whenever there is a new version launched on the internet the developer of this application puts it online. And we are always keeping an eye on the work of the developers so in a fraction of seconds you can get the original link from our website.

There will be no need to move again and again from one website to another in search of the updated version. You just need to bookmark our webpage. And whenever there is a new link you can find it immediately on our website. This is an amazing application with no security issues as the developers have just modified the code to provide better features for the amazing application WHATSAPP.

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There will be no copyright issues we assure you but you download it from whichever website you must should take care of the name of the developers that they don’t fool you. So guys enjoy this version of GBWhatsapp APK download and do share this version with friends and family so that everyone can get the benefit of this website.