Download Better DS3 – Better DS3 Download Latest Version 1.5.3

Download Better DS3 Latest Version For PC – Playstation Controller For PC

This is an offline motioninjoy driving tool. This tool is used for configuration of your functions of the controller. With Better DS3 you will be able to set your playstation controller and use it on your PC, and also none of the control would change. You can still use the same controls on the console. If you are a gamer who plays with a controller on a pc, this is bliss for you. You will be able to create and store custom the configurations in order to load them directly, helping you to save time.

On listening to its primary feature, you might think that it is going to be a complicated process, but it is not. The interface is very easy and you can set that up in your pc very easily and also, you wouldn’t need a proper functioning internet. Yes! It is an offline interface.

This app will configure approximately all your functions and controls LED controlling, the vibration strength, mouse mapping, keyboard mapping and the pressure sensitivity. It is totally compatible to motionjoy driver.

This interface also provides battery status info of your controllers and you can also set it for disconnecting automatically also. So you can decide to disconnect after a certain period of time. When you connect to the controllers, you ought to press the control panel to choose which is the one would you want to change first. After you are done with the first one, you will be able to repeat the same thing to the other.

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After connecting the controllers, you just have to press the control panel to choose which one you want to change first, and once you add the first one, you can do the same thing with the other one.

This Ds3 tool will let you link to your PS sixaix to your windows machine. It also will allow connection between USB and Bluetooth.


Setting this up is very easy and straight. Plug in the DS3 tool into your PC and click the button which says Enable in order to activate it.

Check the connection if it is active or not, see the vibration button. A quick click would make the pad vibrate. You may now use the controller to play any game you want just as you can in an official Microsoft controller.

It makes use of the MotioninJoy driver in order to allow configuration of the PS controllers. Create profiles w and lets you configure the buttons on your controller. It also gives you some nice options of displaying battery status as well as automated disconnecting setting only after a certain time of no use.

How does the gamepad function work?

If any doubts about the game lies, you can switch to the manual or the guide that can give the tutorial online. Most probably, you won’t need it but still. This is a smart working tool that will automatically detect your gaming pad and launch it without any help. It will also create your user profile.  Now when you are connected to the portal, control all your game with this controller. Play it on Windows 10, or the previous versions of windows 8 or 8.1.

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  • download better ds3
    download better ds3

Some of the slightly disturbing features of DS3 and how Better DS3 is better:

  1. It has a slightly chaotic design

The Better DS3 Tool’s interface unfortunately, has a little unstructured design. It hasn’t got much all held together, the usability is slightly tough.

The lack of the unity of the entire interface makes it tough for less known person about technology. Though apart from this aspect, overall it’s a great app.

  1. Function control software

The interface issues are many, some of them are a hell lot annoying, like those of ad banners. Although this ds3 tool runs smoothly, allowing people playing PS3 controller with ease.

BETTER DS3 is not having such issues, it is offline and also offers a great interface which is easy to handle and totally free of boring and disturbing ads.

Features of BETTER DS3 tool

The best aspect about better ds3 is that it provides a very simple and easy to use and understand than that of the previous interface. It requires zero installation and helps you customize your switches. Customize your buttons in the PS controller very quickly and easily.

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MotioninJoy driver required

This tool works good with MotioninJoy driver. Better DS3 severely helps you with the configuration of your PS controller. Only Problem that we have is that we need to install MotioninJoy to use this. Once you get the MotioninJoy first, you are great to go enjoying DS3 Tool conveniently. The tool is truly compatible with MotioninJoy driver 0.7.1001.

  1. Never requires administrative privilege and also it does not go online.
  2. It supports all controller functions be it analog or tilt.
  3. It is very aptly compatible with all PS3 gamepad functions, inclusive of analog mode as well as movement sensors.
  4. Massively handles pairing bluetooth with your PC
  5. It Supports DirectInput, XInput and also Keyboard/Mouse mappings.
  6. You can store different profiles too and use them whenever you want without any further configuration.
  7. You also can keep control over the battery life.
  8. It facilitates LED assignment, Analog to digital thresholds and also, vibration strength, per profile.
  9. There is a huge possibility of settings of various profiles about the use of LEDs and adjusting vibration.
  10. It is almost compatible to all the devices that have Bluetooth in them.
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We hope that this downloading link (Better DS3 Download) was worth your expectations. Better DS3 is obviously better than DS3. If you are using the previous tool DS3, try this latest one out. We are sure that you will love it. It has better features than DS3 and works very efficiently.

If you use this download this link, Download Better DS3 and you like it! Do share it other gamers who you think will love this. Try it, play it and enjoy it.