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Hello guys! Hope everything is going amazing. So this new year we have come up with another surprise for you. In our earlier blog we discussed about GBWhatsapp about its amazing features along with its download link of the latest version. So guys today we are going to discuss the same things about Whatsapp Plus about its features and the download link. So everyone is using Whatsapp today. Obviously it is one of the most useful applications that make the lives of people easier and comfortable.

Everyone uses the official version of Whatsapp today due to its amazing features and easiness to use. I hope everyone must have heard about the features of Whatsapp Plus. But you might not have downloaded because it was not available anymore or due to security issues. For whatever reason you might not have been able to use this amazing app, but there is no need to worry now. Today we will provide you the download link for this amazing application and some of its best features that you must use once you download Whatsapp Plus APK.

Whatsapp Plus APK was made by a famous developer named Ralfanse but he stopped developing more updated versions which were continued to be developed by another developer named Omar. This version has amazing features that nobody could have ever imagined. And it runs on all the versions of android.

Whatsapp Plus MOD APK provides you with completely new features that would hardly any messenger provide all over the world. Like hiding your last seen from particular people as well as hiding the blue ticks. A few changes in original whatsapp that are negligible will enable you to use two Whatsapps on your smart phone. And the latest feature is sharing your whatsapp theme with other friends in form of a .xml file.

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Steps to download Whatsapp Plus APK on your device:

The steps to download Whatsapp Plus APK on your device are very easy and accessible. You just have to follow the steps that are mentioned below and you are done.

  1. Change the setting of your device to download apps from unknown sources. Click on Settings –> Security –> Select unknown sources.
  2. Now download the application from the link that is provided above. It is completely free of cost and may take a few seconds to download the above link.
  3. Once it is downloaded create a backup of all your data in the official whatsapp plus. For this you have to go –> Settings –> Chat –> Backup.
whatsapp plus apk
whatsapp plus apk
  1. Once you create the backup uninstall the official whatsapp from your phone. This is done in Settings –> Downloaded apps –> Uninstall Whatsapp.
whatsapp plus for android
whatsapp plus for android
  1. Now intall the downloaded application and enter your phone number to register.
whatsapp plus apk download
whatsapp plus apk download


whatsapp plus apk for android
whatsapp plus apk for android

Congratulations in a few seconds your work is completed and you have finally installed Whatsapp plus on your device.

We advice you not to download whatsapp plus from any non trustable site because it can harm you in many ways. They may be hackers trying to steal data from your device or put viruses and bugs in your smart phone. But we assure that we are providing you the original download link for Whatsapp +.

Whatsapp Plus APK features:

So guys this application is a bunch of wonderful features an all we advise you to explore all the features in this application that are new to you and were not in the original whatsapp. So below we are going to provide you with some of the best features of whatsapp +.

  • It enables you to hide last seen status
  • It enables to hide the blue ticks which convince the sender that message has not been read by the receiver.
  • Anti revoke message feature allows that the message sent to you cannot be deleted by the sender.
  • You can filter certain messages while you clear the complete chat.
  • The number of images that can be sent in one instead is more than they were in official whatsapp.
  • An inbuilt lock provides security to whatsapp plus rather than downloading any new application.
  • Copy anyone’s status on the clipboard.
  • The characters upto which you can write a status has been increased to 255.
  • Video calling feature is added in this version and you can also disable whatsapp calling in this version.
  • You can change the icon of the application.
  • All types of text documents, PDF’s and many other files can be sent directly.
  • You can keep a track of who was online what time.
  • High quality images of HD quality can be sent on Whatsapp plus.
  • New type of fonts and styles are enabled in Whatsapp Plus.
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This is an amazing application and must be used by everyone due to its exciting features. Although you have heard that this is an unofficial version and may be threatful for your device but it is not completely true. If you download it from safe websites it is like a gift for you. And there are many users for Whatsapp Plus all over the world. You can read all the reviews on quora. They are very positive and this app is loved by all. It is one of the trending apps today.

With every new feature in the official whatsapp, Whatsapp Plus download is also updated with the same. The developer updates it with the new features and we put it on our website for the download. Although there are many websites that claim to publish the download link for the latest version of Whatsapp Plus APK Download. Some of these websites are trustworthy and some are not. But we have always cleared the security issues of the internet and we are well recognized all over the web, so we advice to download the link from our website as it is completely free of cost. You can also read the reviews below about this application. So guys we advice you to bookmark this webpage so that you can download new updated versions when they are launched to keep you updated.

So enjoy all the features of Whatsapp plus download and do share about this blog with your friends and family members.

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Thank you