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Pokemon Go APK Download For Android | Get Pokemon Go Updated APK For Free

Hello friends! Considering the recent trend in the gaming field, we have come across that Pokémon go has been one of the most adored game and has managed to get a great mass of popularity. Therefore, we thought why not get it for our users. We are here with a link for getting the apk version of Pokémon go as the game is not available on the play store or the app store. Read the blog to know all about Pokémon go app, its unique feature and the way on how to get the game.

About Pokémon go APK

It was surprisingly the most popular game when it was launched. It created a great time buzz in all over the world. A lot of kids and teenagers, also, elders were interested to play this game. It created a sensation when a lot of people were seen catching pokemons on the roads and the nearby locality.

The most sensational game of this era is the Pokémon go that has the most unique way of playing. This game is a means of breaking the binaries of real and virtual. The real world and the virtual worldgo hand in hand. The prime most tasks in the game are to grab Pokémons to keep moving forward in the game. More the Pokémons you have, better the player you are.

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The way of catching the Pokémons is something, you must not have heard ever.You have to travel places, real places to catch Pokémons. Opening you location is a must when you play the game called Pokémon GO app. The users can have access to their Pokémons by entering in a whole new world by turning their camera on. The game will use your physical location in order to find the pokenmons, catch them and make them enter into a battle. Using the physical location you can find new Pokémons.

The new version we are providing you is the latest Pokemon Go APK. This is an advanced version of the previous version. The bug that was present previously has been fixed. The training battle will be better. All the minor bot have been fixed now.

Make sure you have proper network connection before you play this game. Your GPS must be enabled. The camera must be working as well. Features of the game are the most unique of all the game that have been created till now.

  • apk pokemon go
    apk pokemon go

A various new features have been added now with new pokemon go update

  1. The weather dynamics

The game has massively nice graphics and also some great mechanics. You will also now witness the weather of the game influenced by the real life weather. The game is influenced with the kind of weather in the real life. A rainy day might create the possibility of more water type Pokémons. This gives more realistic effect in the game. Attacks will also be influenced by the weather around you.

  1. New Pokémons

New Pokémons have been launched in the game. You can now see the availability of 50 more kinds of Pokémons in the game. These are found in eggs. Yo might need to do certain efforts to make them hatch. Get it now with all new version pokemon go apk android.

  1. The changes in the gyms

If a gym is controlled by a faction, you are allowed to spin the photo disc in order to get items. This is similar to a pokestop which you are already aware of. Also, you may procure, raid passes here. This will help you finding higher level Pokémons.

  1. The face-offs

The raid we talked about in the previous section, adding to that, these raids more often consist of group fighting scenes. You can have a bunch of players as an opponent to a very powerful Pokémon. The time limit is short and it is very difficult to capture that Pokémon. Luckily, if you get through it, you can fetch a lot of rare candies and golden colored berries. 

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How to download the apk version of Pokemon go

  1. Before downloading this game from the link given below, go to your phone’s application settings and enable the unknown sources.
  2. Wait for little bit till the app is downloaded in your system.
  3. Look at the file in your device, click it and it will start installing. This is the final step of the procedure. You are done with downloading Pokémon go in your device.

Sometimes, you need an emulator to work this application. This is a sort of a rare situation to occur, but it can, so beware. If your device is apt enough to get the app, there are no formalities to be done. By chance, if that doesn’t happen, kindly use the emulator. These emulators are of different names and work according to the functioning embedded in them. Bluestacks and dolphin are two of the many emulators available to us. These two ate the latest and the most beneficial to all the users out there.


We hope that you liked the entire brief summary that we provided above in this blog. We assure you its credibility and genuineness. Unlike many other blogs, our blog doesn’t want any kind of pre-requisite of any kind o information. You can download it without providing any piece of info to us.

For precautionary purpose, let us tell you that it will not be desirable enough to give your details to any site. An authorized site must be used before downloading anything. We know that a lot of downloading links have things which are not desirable and are actually viruses and malware that destroy your system. Be smart and wise before clicking on any kind of link, be it a game link or anything else. The only working Pokemon Go APK download link is provided on our website.

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Our site has been authorized and has managed to embed a security system in it for our safety as well as yours. No virus or malware can attack your system. Download the game today, search many Pokémons and have a great time while playing it.

Be safe while you are outside while searching Pokémon’s, if you lose your concentration, unwanted things can happen.

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