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Hello guys! So today we have come something unique for you. This one is different from game hacks and cheats codes for apps. This blog is completely dedicated and related to Youtube. Obviously every person uses Youtube. It is a site that is used for entertainment, educational, professional as well as many purposes. It is a website for watching and publishing videos. Almost all the videos about any topic can be found on youtube.

It browses videos so fast that in a fraction of seconds of buffering, your video is ready to watch. Easy, convinient, and diverse in all the fields, youtube is the most popular app as well as the website that is accessed by all the web users in the world. Apart from only watching videos, it is a good source of earning money and fame also. By posting videos on your channel you can connect to people all over the world and also earn money by increasing subscribers and views.

But what if you want to download these videos? Is there any way to do so legally? Youtube provides the features of downloading these videos in offline mode and watch them without internet. But the problem is you want to switch to youtube to watch these videos and they are not downloaded in your video player. So if you want to share these videos on Whatsapp or any other social networking, you cannot do so.

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There have been many apps earlier also claiming about downloading youtube videos and all but in reality none of them actually payed off. They are created to fraud the people and asking their personal information for looting their accounts.


Then a famous team of app developers made TUBEMATE and made the life easy for everyone. Tubemate is a trustable app as it is used by tons of people all over the world. You can check its review on quora and many other famous websites. It has a very positive review all over the world. And apart from all this the features that it offers to its customers are simply amazing.

The primary feature that everyone wants and came here in search of that feature is downloading youtube videos for free. There are almost all kinds of videos on Youtube. And sometimes you need them in your phone in downloaded form due to many reasons like lack of internet, you want to share the videos, you want to use the content of the video in presentation or anything, and there are many other uses of a youtube downloader. So TUBEMATE App fills all those choices and even provides you many other amazing features like downloading high quality videos at a very high speed. And the best part of using TUBEMATE APK is the videos can be downloaded free of cost. So you only need to download Tubemate APK application, install it put the link of the video and in a few seconds your video will be in your DOWNLOAD FOLDER.

Tubemate allows you to save the video in the folder you want to. Like there is no compulsion. If you have enough space in the SD card you can direct the downloads in the SD card.

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Apart from a few primary features that are mentioned above there are various other exciting features of this application.

  1. It has an inbuilt media player that allows you to play high definition videos.
  2. It allows you to save the downloaded videos in external SD card or internal SD card according to your own choice.
  3. You can also download videos in different resolutions according to your choice. What you need to do is to just select the correct resolution you want for your video.
  4. You can download a video and watch it simultaneously. These two processes occur together.
  5. If you want more than one copy of the video than it can be done by just one click.
  6. It downloads the updated version automatically. There is no need to download the latest version again and again.
  7. Its internal music player allows you to surf the internet along with playing the video. This feature is not available on Youtube.
  8. Voice search and date search are also enabled on Tubemate youtube downloader. If you are lazy enough to type, you can actually speak about the title of the video in the form of a voice message.
  9. It is very easy to manage Tubemate APK. There is no complicated feature to be accessed by the user. Just by a mere click you can download your favourite video from the internet.
  10. It is completely free of cost to download videos at high speed.

  So all these features simply speak the greatness of this video downloading application.

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You have to follow a few steps to download this wonderful application full of attention seeking features. Just a few easy steps to be followed and the app is in your device.

  1. Change the security settings of your device. Enter –> Settings –> Security –> Select unknown sources.
  2. Click on the download link of TubeMate App that is provided above.
  3. Wait for a few seconds and the app will be downloaded on your device.
  4. Click on the downloaded file and install the application.
tubemate download
tubemate download
tubemate download apk

Congratulations you have TubeMate Youtube downloader android on your device now. Download your favourite videos from Youtube and enjoy Tubemate App.


So guys before downloading this application you must would be worried about security issues of the application. TubeMate is a recognized application now and is used by every person using internet. It is not available on playstore because it will bring the business of Youtube down significantly. So we assure you about safety of this application as we have used and tested this application many times. We just warn you to not to download TubeMate from any unreliable site.
Do share about this wonderful application with friends and family. Do write a review about this blog.

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