Popcorn Time 3.1.0 APK For Android – Download

Popcorn Time Apk Download For Android – V 3.1.0 Latest – Download Popcorn Time For Android and PC

Hello everyone. So today we are going to share with you something that will entertain you all the day and month. You know that how the world has modernized in the past 2 decades. You know because every thing in today’s date in available on Internet. In the past two years almost 90% of the people throughout the globe have started using internet as a daily part of their life. So that is why it is of significant importance. Almost every task can be done now virtually by the medium of internet. So guys will entertainment be left behind? The answer is no. Every thing that is the source of entertainment for you guys is now very easily available on internet. So is in the case of movies and television shows.

About popcorn time:

If everything is available on internet today, why will movies and all be left behind. Now movies and tv shows do not require any Televison and cable connection or a DVD. They are very easily available on internet and all. So guys this is the beauty of internet. And what developer hav provided us is simply like a miracle. The applications available today for the purpose of watching movies and tv shows are simply amazing. Like Netflix that is the name at the top. But it charges a good amount of money for subscription and watching the shows and movies. And the problem with people is they are not at all aware of the applications that provide access to such shows and movies completely free of cost.

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So guys today we are going to share with you one of such amazing apps that is named POPCORNTIME released by Time4popcorn. This is an application that provides you access to all the television shows and movies completely free of cost. And if you have a solid internet connection, you are done. You can enjoy the show without paying a single buck.


So the word free always catches the attention. And here also we know you are amazed by the free service of this app. POPCORN TIME APP was developed earlier for PC’s only but in a few months it crossed millions of users. So the developers decided to give a try for the mobile version also. And hence they developed this Popcorn Time app for android. But in a few months this application was removed from Google play just due to copyright issues. But don’t worry as this blog simply focuses on providing you the download link for the apk version of POPCORN TIME Android. And by the end of this blog you will be able to see your favorite TV show or movie completely free of cost.

Features of Popcorn Time APK:

  1. The very first feature is it is free of cost. Now nothing can compete this app on the basis of cost. And there is no download charge or anything.
  2. You just need to have a good internet connection to use this application.
  3. The application is always updated time to time. Whenever there is a movie launched it updates the site by using the torrent link. So you can find all the movies of all varieties all over the world.
  4. There is no age restriction to watch any movie or tv show.
  5. Any video can be played any number of times and hence there is no restriction to how many time you can play your favorite movies.
  6. Very high quality videos are available on this app. HD quality movies are very hard to find on internet but this app is simply a wonder. It provides the HD version of all the movies launched in any part of the world.
  7. The drag and drop option is available from now. This enables you to drag the subtitles directly into the video player.
  8. Some of the latest features include that you can update the movie as watched if you want.
  9. You can sort all the movies available on the site by your choice. Like you have the choice to sort by popularity, language, actors and many more.
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SO these are one of the best features of this app and there are many more also. So guys the version that we are sharing with you is completely free from any sort of bugs that was there is the previous version. And the Popcorn Time Download will be completely in a few seconds.

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How to download POPCORN TIME APK:

Popcorn time Apk is very easy to download on your device and there is no need to install any other software. Your device just should have adequate amount of space for saving this app. There is no need to root or jailbreak your device.

  1. Change the security settings of your device. Allow the apps to be downloaded from unknown sources in the settings à
  2. Click on the apk download link.
  3. After the file is downloaded install it on your device.
  4. Congratulations you are done and now free to use the app.


After reading the complete blog you will be simply amazed. The fast service of this application simply attracts more and more people towards it.  And from today there is no need to go to paid sites and apps like Netflix. They are just for the purpose of making money. Even if you are holding a Netflix subscription, you can cancel it. And the best thing is to switch on to this amazing app with the amazing features that are already mentioned above. And the app is completely safe to use. There are no viruses and bugs in this app and this is the original version of Popcorn Time apk Android with no modifications. So there is no need to hesitate before using this application.

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