Towelroot APK 1.0 For Android – Download

towelroot apk download android
towelroot apk download android

Download Towelroot APK V 1.0 Latest – Towelroot App Download For Android Free

Welcome to this amazing blog. I know you would have been searching for this since a large number of days but today finally you have arrived at the correct place. So guys after surfing all over the internet and checking all the applications for rooting your android device, we have finally come up with the best and the safest app for you guys. So by the end of the blog you will be able to root your device by just one click. So guys today we are going to talk about TOWELROOT released by Geohot. This amazing app allows you to root your device at just one click. So we will share with you the original Towelroot apk version of the game. If you want to read the complete features you must read this amazing blog, otherwise you have the choice to directly download the application.


ROOTING is a term that does not come in regular use. Many people re still not aware of this term. So first off all let’s define rooting. In the simplest words rooting is simply allowing the user to download all kinds of application on your device. What does this mean? This means that there are a lot of applications that you cannot download on your device just because of security issues and all. But once you root your device you  are basically running as the administrator and you have the complete access to the computer.

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So you can download anything you want. This is very essential in downloading a restricted application. You must be acquainted with the term JAILBREAK. It allows you to download all kinds of applications of any category on your device. This is so cool. Rooting your device enables many essential features for you like installing apps that require root access.

About Towelroot App:

After searching all over the web our developers finally came up with the best application for you guys that is named TOWEL ROOT. Towel root is a very simple application that within a single click will root your device. This will be simply amazing. And the best part is it is completely free of cost. There are many paid applications but now you will get the best application with the best features completely free of cost. And it is compatible with all  forms of android. This is another amazing feature. And another great thing is that if you want to unroot your device you have the option for this also. So in simple way in a single click you will get the root access of your device.

Google play store removed this application from its store and hence it shattered many people when the link was removed. But from today there is no need to worry anymore. Because today we will provide you the apk version of the application completely free of cost. You just have to adjust a few setting of your device and in a few seconds the download will be complete.

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Basic requirements to run this app:

This is a very simple application and it can be used by any android user. But the basic requirements just comprise of 2Gh processor and 2 GB of ram. Also there must be adequate space of at least 50 mb. And the best part is it supports all the android versions. So go for it everything is by your side today.

How to download TOWELROOT APK:

The features of the application are already mentioned above. But now the best part comes is how to download Towelroot apk on your device.

  1. First you need to change the security settings of your device. Enter the settings option and the security option and select the option for unknown sources. This will also allow untrusted apps on your device.
  2. Click on the download link that is mentioned above.
  3. In a few seconds the download will be started.
  4. When the download is completed you just need to install the application.

Congratulations you are done and now you can run the application on your device. 

Is rooting your device harmful:

This is a very common question that comes in the mind before rooting your device. Will it harm you? Well the answer is yes. There are many chances that your device will be harmed when you root your device. Just look what you are doing. You are giving the root access to all the apps. And why is Google not allowing you to download it on your device. Simply because it is not safe for you to install the app on your device. But what you are doing is just allowing those threatened apps on your device. So in short you are yourself causing threat to your device. But don’t worry. The threats are not always that serious.

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If you want to take a risk go for it. Because not in all the cases your device will be harmed. It is just like a gamble. That is the reason Google also bans such apps that allows rooting your device.  And even in some countries rooting is banned just because of the security issues. So the decision is up to you guys only that what you should do. I say go for it and if you do not find it useful you can unroot your device. This is the best feature of TOWEL ROOT. It also provides the option to unroot your device.

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We have mentioned all the features of this amazing application and all the risks as well as consequences. So now it is simply up to you what to do. Don’t worry about the security issues before downloading the Towelroot App. It is completely safe to download as well as to use. And you can check the people’s review about this app. The review and response only promoted the developer to develop 5 versions of TOWELROOT. So if you like this just share this with others also. Thank you for reading the blog and downloading. Enjoy the app.