WiFiKill APK Download – Latest Android Version – WiFiKill.apk

Have you ever found that you are facing difficulty in using the WiFi connection, because multiple users are using the same connection? Yes, we all have been there. And you don’t have to worry about it anymore because we have brought you something truly amazing and will resolve this issue. The WiFi Kill apk will help you cut off or ‘kill’ devices connected to the same WiFi Connection and you can take control over the network. Sounds evil and smart at the same time, right? The app checks and helps initiate the kill process.

About WiFiKill APK

Because of bandwidth sharing, even if you have a faster internet connection at home or in your workspace, the more the number of connected devices, the less the WiFi speed. And this usually happens on a router, therefore WiFiKill Apk will help you overcome this major problem of a slower WiFi.

Various statistics tell us that many people identify a WiFi connection as an important daily need and an a slower internet connection hampers a lot of people’s daily lives.

WiFiKill APK is the best solution to this problem. All you have to do is download and take control of your WiFi Connection. The android phone needs to be rooted for it requires root access on your smartphones. WiFi Kill sneakily enters into the connected WiFi network, interrupts the connection of the users. You can easily disable any user that you wish to remove from the connection using this app only with a tap of the button. WiFiKill might soon be released on the iOS platform really soon.

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Download WiFiKill APK – Latest Version Free

Enjoy unlimited bandwidth everywhere you go, using this app. We have a couple easy steps for you here to get this free app.

  • Enter the menu and navigate to the settings icon in your app drawer.
  • Find security option in the settings app.
  • Under the device administration, There will be Unknown sources tap on it. Since third-party apps need to be permitted in order to be installed which are not from Google play store. Now you can download the app.
  • WiFi Kill APK has two versions available here – WiFiKill V1.7 and WiFiKill V2.3.2.
  • Tap to download the WiFiKill.apk
  • You can download any one of the following WiFiKill pro 2.3.2 apk or WiFiKill 1.7 apk. Choose the APK file downloader and wait until the process gets finished.
  • Navigate to the download directory and click on the downloaded .apk file.
  • Complete the installation and start using the WiFiKill app.

Best Features of WiFiKill APK

  • After you download the WiFiKill APK on the device it looks  in the currently connected WiFi network and lists all the devices connected to the network.
  • There are many network monitoring tools which are present on our PC and can track the download and upload limit so as WiFiKill Android and it shows the data transfer from the grabbed devices.
  • WiFi Kill App performs two major functions – Grab and Kill.
  • WiFi Grab – This is a rare feature on the smartphone WiFi app. It attaches itself to devices and looks out for how they are communicating with the network i.e Manufacturer Name, IP address, Mac Address, Up and Down speed.
  • WiFi Kill – Once entered into, the discovered device begins to grab and then  the Kill process disconnects the devices from the WiFi.
  • WiFikill root apk works well with tablets also.
  • Be Sure to have the Android version 4.0+,
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Working of WiFiKill APK

  1. Open the WiFiKill APK on your rooted Android smartphone.
  2. WiFiKill APK
  3. Tap on the Play ► button
  4. Grant Root permission for the WiFi Kill app.
  5. List of devices connected to the WiFi network is displayed
  6. Tap on Grab all button in the button to attach to all devices.
  7. You can now start Killing all the devices using Kill all

WifiKill Pro 2.3.2 Apk

WifiKill Pro Download, the beta version app that can kill the internet connection for devices on the same network and controls the wifi connection. Therefore, it is also called wifi network controller app. Letting you cut the connection for the people who are using the same network, this app lets you access to fast internet and surf the web faster.

Wifi Kill for Android That Has Not Been Rooted

A lot of us use WiFi Connection, where we do not get enough access to the desired internet speed. What makes us face these issues? Is their somebody else using the same WiFi Connection as us? Do you need help to figure this out and resolve it as soon as you can? This article of ours will help you solve your WiFi issues and you can do so without even rooting your Android Device now.

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Wifi Kill for PC & Mac and iOS Platform

We are often not aware of the issues that are faced by us in our WiFi connection. Most of the problem arises from the issue of other people using your Wifi Connection without your knowledge. WiFiKill app helps you manage the users using the WiFi  and is available on every platform quite easily. You can easily target any user and kill the WiFi for that particular user. This app helps you spy on your network, and is available for Android and very soon going to be available for iOS as well and most probably has been launched for iOS too. It helps you take care of your network and brings it under control. First you download the app and then start proceeding with the steps that will be given to you.

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Wifi Kill APK V 1.7 Download

You need to download and also install the newest version of WiFiKill 1.7 apk software. This latest version has been debugged and loaded with new features. Have fun using the app and kill unwanted users from your connection for faster browsing!